I am thinking about buying a batavus regency for 160 bucks. It looks like it needs some work but everything appears to be in a functional state. are these mopeds anygood/worth it? are they fast, reliable?

thanks, eric

Re: batavus

Batavus seem to be pretty well built,but you've got to be careful to get the right type of drive belt for them.Contact `mopedwarehouse' for further info.NOW,what you've got to watch is youyr observation `it looks like it needs some work'.If it's cosmetic work,fine.But if you're a novice and the bike isn't running,beware.Press the person to give you specifics on what's wrong.But if it runs for 30 min. on the road and no problems while driving,you've got a bargain.As far as being fast: Three models with different sprocket sizes were produced and I wouldn't know the difference(15,20,and 25mph models)without going to look at my manual.BYE!

Re: batavus

Actually don the three models are 20,25 and 30

Re: batavus

Right,Nick! I meant the other but `brain cramp' hit.I looked in my manual and there are other differences too.Jet sizes and dry clutch differences with color-coded cluth housings?I think there's displacement differences too.Now I'm REALLY going to have to look at my `78 Starflite.I did pick up a used top-tank and mounting hardware for it,and I hope to match up the paint.The tank is white and my Bat is red.

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