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Just want to let you all know about a new forum set up to discuss the problems relating to unclear rules & legislation in different States and Countries related to the

driving of mopeds and motorised scooters, be they gas or electric powered.

Please visit the link below and post your questions, comments and experiences.

Re: Moped & Scooter Law Forum

Motoscoot! The less said in public about exact laws the better for mopeders.Ignorance of laws works to their benefit,whereas scooters generally require licensing and special driving tests, etc.But I'll wait to see what the Gurus think on this matter.Remember I told you on another forum this same thing.I have many examples of how the law could come down hard on us when they should be attacking serious crime instead.How do we know that you won't have us all goose-stepping to state regs. when you're done.I,for one can find what I need to know at random and discreetly.Think about it.

Re: Moped & Scooter Law Forum

Wayne Broderick /

Don, I agree. well said.

Re: Moped & Scooter Law Forum

Hi,Wayne! Are you feelin' better?Physically ,I mean.I know it's a drag mentally to get hurt and have to curb fun activity.I broke my right arm while snow skiing in New york last Feb.and at 49 yrs.old,it took it's time healing.On this law forum thing:I just don't see what's to gain for us if everything is exposed to further scrutiny.I'm happy as a duck in water to just give the license bureau a bill of sale and it's over with,you know.Why stir it if it doesn't stink?LOL Take care `Gadget Man' !

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Wayne Broderick /

Feeling a lot better. Not much pain anymore, but I am going a little stir-crazy.

I'm scheduled back to work (by the doctor) on sept 18th.

The medical bills (we have insurance and the other company is paying anyway) are already around 20,000, and by the time I'm done with physical therapy it'll be upwards of 50k. We don't have a lawyer, yet, because we both work in insurance and we know the claims systems fairly well. Generally, the insurance company settles for 3x medical without too much argument.

If they get smart with us, we'll go hire an "ambulance chaser" to take care of us.

If I get a downpayment on a nice house and a new moped (and stereo) I will feel satisfied. My poor moped has never seen a night outside, and it's been sitting in a yard, outside, for over two weeks, with stereo and speakers atill attached, all bashed apart.

The on-scene crew was spreading a lot of sand at the scene of the crash. That would mean I ruptured a gas tank or smashed the engine up. I don't think I'm going to pay to claim it as salvage, and just start fresh with a new ped.

Thanks for asking! If I watch anymore daytime TV, I'll surely go mad.

Did you see the photo of our computer setup? At least that's keeping me busy.


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