Motobecane won't start

-I have a spark

-I've changed the spark plugs

-The points open at TDC

-I've tried to point gaps from .015" to .025"

I'm presently using BR6HS spark plugs not knowing if these are the kind to use or what their gap should be. They were the type used when this Mobylette worked a couple of months ago.

I've managed to get some fire at a throttle angle between decompression and idle!? It does get gas since the spark plug practically drips gas after exhausting myself pedalling.

Please, I need suggestions!!! I had my girlfriend buy this moped in spring because "if it runs now, it should run for ever with proper maintenance". I can't blame her for becoming sceptical!!

Should I try a new set of points despite the fact that I get a spark?

Thank you for any suggestion!


Re: Motobecane won't start

Look above this message

click on 'resources', then 'articles', then "How to fix your Moped".

follow the instructions there

If you are getting a nice spark... I would not change the points.

But I would clean them like that guide says.

And the carb and petcock (like it says)

about 95% of the time... that does it

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