Suzuki FA 50

I bought a 1983 Fa 50 and i was woundering what kinda a fuse that goes from the battery to make the lights work better when it's idling. i have a 32v fuse in there now and it doesn't work when the engine is off.

and another this is there a govner in there or a restrictor in it. Mine cuts out of me at really bad times.

thanks in advance

Re: Suzuki FA 50

Read the post above to find a troubleshooting guide to get your engine to run.

Also... The fuse doesn't change the brightness of the lights.

And I don't think you should have a "32V" fuse in there.

I believe it should be a 5 Amp to protect your wiring and components.

If the lights don't work without the engine running, and are dim at idle, then the battery is probably dead.

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