I have a 1974 Vepsa Piaggio CIAO and I took off the head and looked at the piston and the cylinder it is in. Both have rust on them and I couldnt move the piston. Maybe it is all the way down, I dont know. The bolt that runs through the clutch which apears to go all the way through to engine to start the engine after being peddaled, wont turn either. Can anyone PLEASE help me.



Re: piston

The engine is seized from water getting into it. It could be expensive to repair if the crankshaft was damaged. I would check out your engine first, and if the crankshaft is rusted, I'd look for another engine.


Re: piston

you'll have to unseize the engine. it's a delicate, but not impossible thing to do. first., use lots of wd40. then some two stroke. then use a wooden dowel and place that over the piston ... pound w/ a hammer. let it sit in the oils first. and pound slow and steady.

it's a day long job ... or more.

if anyone has a better way to unseize a piston.. please tell this guy. i've only done this once.

Re: piston

What if the piston is all the way back?

Re: piston

If you're not sure of what you're doing,just remove the engine in one piece and take it to a small engine repair shop for an estimate of how bad the damage is.If the cylinder is badly pitted,or the crank is ruined,do what Jim said about getting another engine and save this one for parts and gears.That's unless the repair shop can fix it right.But like Miguel said,use WD-40 or liquid wrench or PB Blaster the first thing and start tapping,and don't put any strain on that bolt you talked about.Instead try turning the flywheel/magneto or lock up the clutch and try to rotate it a little.Hope you get it goin'!

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