Honda Zook

Ok, just recently I pronounced my '77 Puch Maxi dead, though I don't have the heart to get rid of it yet, so now I'm looking for a new mode of transportation. I was surfing the net recently and had stumbled upon a Japanese site ( that I can't read but I did see the picture for the Honda Zook, as well as the Palfrey, which is the Japanese version of the Honda Express, but after thinking about it I think that the Zook would be nice because of its small size. Also, when you convert the price to USD it comes out to $573, plus I'm guessing that it wouldn't weigh much and I know a group who could import it for me, though it would be a wee expensive. Of course, before I even begin to think about importing, I would like to learn a little about this tiny lil' fart of a scooter. SO, I pose the question unto anyone with an answer: Does anyone know anything about the Zook? Specs? Do the seat and handle bars fold down? So far, none of my internet searches have given me any info that I can read, but I'd like to believe that someone out there probably knows about it. If you can provide any information I'd be most appreciative. ...Oh yeah, the Honda Squash looks pretty interesting too, so if you have any specs that'd be great too. Thanks.

Re: Honda Zook

Wayne Broderick /

Those are both "scooters" and my guess is that they are not D.O.T. Certified.

I haven't seen them in USA--

Good luck though. That Squash is nasty looking, but the Zook is kinda cute,

Honda Squash

Yeah, I actually regret having any interest in the Squash. It is pretty darned ugly.

Re: Honda Zook

What will you do with your 77 Puch? Where, in general, is your location?

Puch revival

Oh, no, I'm not getting rid of it. Sorry if it may have sounded that way. I figure that I'm going to keep it, get a new engine for it, and attempt to turn it into a chopper, for kicks, but in the mean time I wanted something else to use. But, I did notice that Honda makes a 50cc chopper in Japan... hmmm... maybe I should try to get a hold of one of those...

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