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Winter is fast approaching the Chicago area where I live. I plan to store my Kinetic Magnum moped in my unattached, non-heated garage from about November to March. I've heard conflicting stories about how to store a moped. Some say to drain the gas and others say to fill the tank and add stabilizer. I would hate to drain all the gas and risk having a rusty tank next Spring. There is the possibility that I could start up the moped periodically over the Winter; perhaps even run it now and then when the ground is dry and clear of snow. Any suggestions greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

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Here is a site that gives good description of how to store your moped for the winter, Though I'll be dashing through the snow on mine!


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Sorry that URL didn't seem to work here is a good one it is under the FAQ section.


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JASON!!! Your ip thing says your from piscataway!!! Im from piscataway too :P...Where in piscataway do you live? How old are you? Blah :D.

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Clean your moped off really good and spray a light coating of WD-40 on all the chrome, then wipe it off. Drain all of the gas from the tank and run the engine out of gas. Put a couple of tablespoons of motor oil in the fuel tank and slosh it around as best you can. Remove the spark plug and put a couple of squirts of motor oil from an oil can in the cylinder and spin the engine over a couple of times, leave the piston at top dead center. Put in a new, properly gapped plug, put it up on the centerstand so the weight isn't on the tires and your done. Come spring, just add gas and start it up.

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I am in Wisconsin and store mine in the same conditions. I drain the gas into a gas can. I put that gas into my truck. It won't be any good in the spring anyway. Run it until it dies to get all the gas out. Then, (and I think this is important) I spray fogging oil into the tank and into the cylinder. I don't know if this this is the correct procedure, but it has woked for many years for me. Also, when you start it in the spring you will get some smoke from the fogging oil. Tis is normal and will go away quickly.


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I usually wash and wax the moped before putting it to bed for the winter to remove the road acids and other solvents. The best chrome saver I've found was to put a second coat of paste wax on the chrome and leave it. Don't buff this second coat off until spring. It's a bitch to get off after it's dried on for some time, but that's the point. If you can't get to the chrome without some elbow grease then chances are the moisture, and fly shit will have the same problem. Spring clean up is easier if you put another coat of wax on the haze to soften it. I got this little tip from some local antique car club members.


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if you are in chicago ... there are two moped army members who just moved out there. look for them. they're decepticons ... you can email them perhaps and go riding w/ them? theyr'e a bit lonely away from kzoo.

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