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<HTML>Yah I would think you are getting closer. As for your bike, I just bought this weekend a Suzuki FA50 Commuter. As the OLD designation goes, it's a Motorcycle (that can only go 35 mph), but I took it down to the DMV when I got it running yesterday (it sat for 6 years and runs great -- needed to clean the spark plug only) and they said that since the law changes it's now a Moped, so no charge on changing the title. 50cc 2 stroke 1991 year model. So - You might want to check on that in FL. I dont know what their qualifications are, but here it's a BIG difference (I dont need a Motor Cycle lisence for instance - and I get to follow both Motorcycle rules - normal lane changing etc - and bike rules - bike lanes and passing on the right shoulder).

As for your leaky Carb. Yah I would check the jets. Sounds like either your air cleaner is clogged (if it's foam like mine - it might be a little gunked) or that you have a fuel problem. The leak on the carburator could be causing you to loose more fuel than you burn - ie it stalls then starts ok after about 30 secs. The best bet for you to do is to take the tank cap off and blast out the fuel lines with an air hose, and clean out the tank pretty well to get rid of the gunk. Then take the carb out if possible and clean it pretty well. I would think that sitting for some time has gunked it up pretty well. I was lucky - mine was drained first. Anyway - hope these are some good answers.


PS> MotoMorellie (Um - morenini???) (spelling) is still making engines in Italy. Check them out, maybe they still make parts for you.

B G wrote:


The more info I get, the more questions I have..

After deciding to tackle the problem again tonight, I grabbed the flashlight and headed to the garage. The carb is leaking alot. I removed the fuel line at the carb and plugged it. I checked the spark plug to make sure that it was not soaked with fuel. It was not. I then removed the muffler (per the long distance call to a mechanic in Ca.). I'm in a part of FL that does not have amoped service or sales shop within miles. The muffleer was not clogged(I checked by blowing thru it with ease). I also removed the air filter so it could "breathe all the air it wanted. I started the bike with only the fuel left in the carb. It ran great. Now, the carb is overflowing due to either the float not working or the needle valve is no good, correct?

Am I on the right track as I post the progress on troubleshooting this motor? </HTML>

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