19th Annual 50cc Rally Oct. 28th

The 19th Annual True Grits 50cc Rally or this page has a lot of info and pictures to http://www.teamcalamari.com/dox/islegrit.html and scroll all the way down to near the bottom and the info on the event is posted along with pictures from the last few years event. I attended last year and it was a blast. Most everybody arrives on Sat. and camps out then the rally is on Sunday. You must be a AMA member as they insure the event so the orginizer does not get sued in case of a injury. Hope some of you can make it.

Re: 19th Annual 50cc Rally Oct. 28th

Simon King /

thanks for the heads-up, i never knew this existed. i'd love to get together some moped riders from all over and meet up there to represent the old-style moped. any one interested?

Re: 19th Annual 50cc Rally Oct. 28th

Looking at the pictures, I didn't see any "Mopeds" there...just small 50cc motorcycles. They wouldn't laugh at a moped, would they? I would love to do it since I am in Texas.

Re: 19th Annual 50cc Rally Oct. 28th

i'd be happy to go. and lucia can go the distance, i'm sure.

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