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Does anyone know if the variator from the Kinetic Magnum will fit the TFR? Any help will be appreciated.

Randy..(Barbara's husband, mechanic, spiritual advisor, and lawn boy).

Re: Variator

On the crankshaft end it should fit. The crankshafts are all the same. Be sure you have the spacer that goes behind the front pulley from the Magnum.

Compare the shafts at the rear wheel of a Magnum and TFR. If they are identical, you will have a Poor Man's Magnum in no time. Use the Magnum's drive belt also


Re: Variator

Don't know if this is true for the Kinetic, but on the Vespa it doesn't work. The Ciao (like the TFR) has different gearing in the rear hub from that of the models with variator (Bravo, Grande, Si).

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