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Here's a legal question:

I've bought several mopeds, but have never sold one. If I sell a used moped to someone, which is in safe operating condition, do I have any liability in the event of problems? Those of you who've sold you have the buyer agree to any sort of waiver of liability? I know I'm probably paranoid, but I'm curious as to how the used bike industry deals with this.



Re: liability advice

When you sell the bike get a bill of sale in duplicate. You, the seller and the new buyer must sign it.The new buyer gets the original and you get the copy. Make sure it is signed and dated. This takes you off the hook. Even if the new owner doesn't title the bike right away, you have proof of transfer of ownership. This is Wisconsin rules anyway. I do this with cars, bikes, and ATV's just for peace of mind.

Re: liability advice

One the bill of sale be sure to put words to the effect that the vehicle is sold as-is and buyer accepts responsibility for registration and insurance as applicable.

That works here in Californy.


Re: liability advice

Buy a receipt book. Date it and make sure it has carbon paper with it. Then remember to say "sold as is". Easy enough.

Re: liability advice

These guys are right Chris. The concept of "As is" is a legally recognized one in all 50 states. The buyer knows or should know that he has now assumed all risks inherent in the vehicle. Just make sure not to make any other representations to him or her about the reliability/longevity of the machine.

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