Where is the acceleration for my Kinetic TFR?

Just received it today, yay-it was a fun day and all the parts were there and it looks great!

However, the thing is slow as molasses when you first start moving-it accelerates so slooowwly! Will this change after I hit the 300 mile marker?

Also I tried to go up a hill (started midway up) and it would not pull me up!

Any tips about my Kinetic appreciated. thank you! Barbara P : )

Re: Where is the acceleration for my Kinetic TFR?

Hi, Barbara.

As I wrote previously, I don't have a Kinetic, but I do have a Vespa Ciao. They are very similar in design. Since it is a single speed (i.e. non-variable) transmission, acceleration is slow. It will pull me up a hill, but sometimes not from a dead stop. In that case, I often have to pedal to get going. Once it gets some momentum behind it, it is fine. What is your top speed? If it is around 30 mph, I doubt you have any problems, just the symptoms of a single speed transmission. There are some ways to increase power, but I've avoided them thus far on the Ciao. On it, 30 mph suits me just fine. It just takes me a while to get there!

Chris (from St. Louis)

Re: Where is the acceleration for my Kinetic TFR?

Pedal like hell and pray to god your legs don't give out!

Re: Where is the acceleration for my Kinetic TFR?


In the early days of operating your new moped be sure to pedal like hell as Ben says, as required. You engine is still tight and forcing it do something like go up a hill at full throttle can seize your engine. Any time the motor seems to bog down, back off the throttle and pedal to help it along.

Eventually the engine will break in and it will probably do 30MPH, no problem.

with a single speed model, hils will always be a problem. That's why I like my Vespa Grande with its variator. That is what the Magnum uses.


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