i need a pedal & chain

does anyone know where i can get 1 pedal and a chain for my 1982 (i think) free spirit somewhere in the k-zoo area???

Re: i need a pedal & chain

call handy bikes or akron mopeds. the info is in the resources section of this site. not sure if anyone has spare pedals or chains around here in kzoo.

Re: i need a pedal & chain

Ron Brown /


Most mopeds use standars bicycle pedals and chains. I believe the pedal chain is a 1/8" and the drive chain is a 3/16". Measure the gap between the closest together side plates. All bicycle chains are 1/2 pitch. The pedal chain and pedals are also available at stores like walmart. The 3/16" wide chain is used on Motocross bycicles.


Re: i need a pedal & chain

What ever works on a Puch will work on the Free Spirit. They are made by the same company.


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