70cc Puch hop up

Has anybody tried to put a 70cc euro kit on a Puch Magnum MKII? I am trying to do just that, but the carb won't fit. This is a 2-speed with oil injection. The carb that ships with the kit is much fatter and has a square float "bowl." It hits the frame and the injector shaft hump on the engine block. Short of having a machine shop custom make a manifold for this thing, is there any other solutions such as a large BING carb? I guess I can re-jet the stock carb and use it and the original intake, but that will really hold this thing back...which might not be a bad thing as the tranny will hold up better. Any thoughts?

Re: 70cc Puch hop up

I've seen small Mikuni carbs mounted to Puchs with rubber intake manifolds from ???? They hung way out to the left and had a locally manufactured bracket to hold the carb, maybe you could get a local motorcycle shop to let you scrounge around in the parts section to find a rubber intake that would fit with minimal cutting.

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