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I have a Maxi one speed and after 11,000 miles had a ring job done by a motocycle shop since it was losing power. I now have no trouble on flat to slight grade but no power at all on hills. In fact it just dies on a grade. Previously this was the only Moped in town that could climb any grade without any help from the rider. Any ideas on what is causing my problem?

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sounds like you've gained top end and lost bottom end. because it's a one speed, if you have too much power on the top end, you lose bottom end. it's like trying to drive a manual transmission car up a hill starting from 5th gear.

i'm not a puch person, but i seem to recall hearing that you can add more bottom end by things such as increasing the rear sprocket (or reducing the front one). i hope someone else can give you a better idea.

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Wayne Broderick /


I was thinking about this one-- Why would Roger have power to do hills before the ring job, but not after?? That's what was bugging me about this one.

Something to do with the new, extra compression is making the engine work too hard to get power for hills...... I'm stuck, but I've been trying to figure it out.

Roger: Are you sure all they did was the rings? Maybe they did something more as a part of the FIX??

Good Luck!

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I had a Tomos do the EXACT same thing to me back in 1980. I ended up having to sell the thing and get another one (a Puch this time). The dealer was of no help. It only did this after it got warmed up. IS your's doing this while it's still cold?


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Wayne Broderick /


Did yours also start "acting up" after a repair job at the shop? If you also had the rings done, that might help figure it out.


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Actually, No. My Tomos started acting up after 1000 miles. I put new rings on it and it didn't help. I often wondered about the main seals leaking and losing compression. This could be one of those problems that are very hard to diagnose...unless it's painfully obvious. I would suspect that everything else has been checked such as timing/ignition and carb/vacuum leaks along with the muffler. You might try soapy water or windex around the seals to see if they leak...being carefull not to crack the block and heads with cold water.

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Ron Brown /


Describe "ring job" in more detail.


Re: Moped power

Are you absolutely sure they put in an original cylinder gasket after the ring job? Or, did they make a gasket and use too thick of a material? (ie.automotive gasket material). This happened to me on my Puch.

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