Swarm to the barbeque!

Ron Brown /

I am re-posting this here in the hope that someone will respond...Fred...Ree???

I have lost one of the moped riders for my trip to the barbeque, he has to leave for Ohio Tuesday morning.

We will be leaving from I-96/M-52 interchange in Webberville at about * am Moday morning, the trip takes about 5 hours including "refreshment" breaks (refreshment is a euphanism for food, drink and various bodily functions).

We will return Tuesday morning, eta Webberville, 2-3 pm.

I will provide the ped, Motobecane model 7 and/or Batavus Starflite and gas and oil, I may even buy breakfast! Overnite accomodations in K'zoo can be arranged.

Any takers, please post here or email me. Nothing personal, but please include your approximate weight for my average speed and gas mileage calculations.


Re: Swarm to the barbeque!

Reeperette /

Was on the east coast till today...sorry bout dat.

Given how that trip went....I rather wish I woulda hit the BBQ instead, but it was something that hadda be done.


Re: Swarm to the barbeque!

yeah, we wish you'd been here. it was a good time, though. fun was had by all. a lot of well tuned bikes. it was a very very close race. but team minarelli scored big time.

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