Hero-Majestic muffler

I got a used 2003 Panther with 285 miles. The muffler has a loud cackling sound.I got the moped from a 15 y/o boy and I'm wondering if he may have done something to make it loud.

Re: Hero-Majestic muffler

im now sure with hero majestic muffleres, but on tomos u can taket the silencer off and it will be reaklly loud. maybe he did that

Re: Hero-Majestic muffler

What and where is the silencer located please?

Re: Hero-Majestic muffler

look at the end of the talepipe should be bolted on there if it dont have silencer on it should be a big hole there.

Re: Hero-Majestic muffler

Brandon Phipps /

umm are u guys talking about the baffle lol? well like eddie said if it isnt on then ask the kid where it might be.. (if he still has it) and put it in and then tighten it back. should be not as loud if it is still loud i would check if he loosened up the muffler


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