Speedometer help

I have a 1976 batavus and when I bought it off a friend there was no speedometer cable. I bought one and put it on, when I'm holding the speedometer cable straight from the speedometer and the wheel and spin the wheel the needle moves, but when I put the speedometer in the headlight case and hook it up to the wheel the needle doesn't move, the cable isn't bent tightly (sharply) that the brass thing shouldn't move or anything, but when I hold the brass end right to where it screws into the wheel and turn the needle with my hand it turns, but when I turn it the other way it doesnt. I know this is kinda confusing, buts it hard to explain, I don't know why it won't move when connected to the wheel and the speedometer ( when the speedometer is in the headlight case) It doesnt make sense to me. Well hopefully someone can help me. Thanks Nick

Re: Speedometer help

tape it to your steering column on your handle bars when you get it to the strait down position. Make sure you clean out that hole where the cable goes into your wheel to. I had shit in mine and it never read,

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