What's an army without dog tags?

I found this site:


I attached an example tag.

I thought it might be cool to have military tags, since this is an army. Maybe you could get them for the upcoming BBQ. If you belong to a branch, you could include that on your tag/tags...etc...etc

I don't work for Quick Return Tags, I just thought it was a cool idea.

What are your thoughts?


Dog Tag Pic

Here is the example tag. Hopefully it shows up.



Let me try this one more time.



J. Sailor /

or a Tattoo

Re: tags

all three pics worked. and i like the idea. too late for the bbq ... but maybe the next one. thanks for the tip!

Re: What's an army without dog tags?

Simon King /

pretty cool. i like the idea of listing the type of moped on it -

Re: What's an army without dog tags?

I like the idea of putting your branch on it ( My make and model makes the tag a little cluttered though)-john

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