Dream Moped Collection?

If you could put together a "dream collection" of 3 or 4 mopeds dating from the mid-1970's to mid-1980's, what brands/models would you have in your collection?

Re: Dream Moped Collection?

I would have a Peugeot 103, a Puch Maxi stepthru, and a Motobecane 50v.

Re: Dream Moped Collection?

I have 2 Peugeots 103v (1982/83), 1 Peugeot 102 (1973) and a very nice FLANDRIA (1974) 535 miles only !

Re: Dream Moped Collection?

I would have to say a 1980 tomos bullet, a 1978 puch maxi, and 1978 peugeot 103.

Re: Dream Moped Collection?

jess_monster /

I'd want a Vespa Grande. I think they look sweet.

Re: Dream Moped Collection?

ok screw the oldies. I would want a 2000 TT LX, A Derbi Crotchrocket lol, and a 1999 Yamaha Jog. There ya go. Two of them aren't mopeds but they have 50 cc engines.

Re: Dream Moped Collection?

I like my '79 Vespa (Piaggio) Grande quite a bit. It isn't all that fast, but looks great and is built solid. Handles two riders, also. I also like my '76 Vespa Ciao. I think I'd also add an Avanti/Garelli to the mix.

Re: Dream Moped Collection?

1978 vespa grande

1980 garelli rally sport

1977 bianchi snark eagle

1978 concord xke

i have to put my snark in there. it's a beautiful moped. very classy and very rare. i also own a rally sport, but in major need of repair/reconstruction. my ultimate dream would be a mint condition vespa grande. and i think the concord is a nice looking bike.

Re: Dream Moped Collection?

Reeperette /

Well...I'd have to push the range a bit.

1989 Tomos Golden Bullet TTLX.

1983 Puch Austro-Daimler.

1984 Tomos Silver Bullet.

1983 Tomos Trike-Mod.

I've owned all those, mind...and loved each one.

I am not nearly as fond of the Targa, alas.


Re: Dream Moped Collection?

keith ross /

here's my dream collection a red 78 rigid framed puch maxi, a maroon 78 puch maxi and a white 76 puch maxi

keith ross


Re: Dream Moped Collection?

this is easy....

1980 Motobecane Moby

1978 Puch Magnum MarkII Limited

1976 Batavus HS-50

1978 Puch Newport II

Re:Plastic Targa

Wayne Broderick /


What I don't like about the Targa is a sort of "robocop" cheezy plastic look. Is that why you knock it? I'd prefer another Tomos with more metal than plastic.

The reason I ask, is because the "guts" of the Tomos machines are all the same---? Or are they.

I ask, because I'll have a new Ped by next year.

Re:Plastic Targa

Reeperette /

>>The reason I ask, is because the "guts" of the Tomos machines are all the same---? Or are they.<<

Well, I don't much like the plastic, no...

As for the "guts", actually the head and trans of the Targa is different than the Bullets...and having ridding both, including other Targas...I like the Bullets a LOT better.

For whatever reason, the combination of head and trans in the A5 just does not seem to work, or provide actual improvment over the A3...and based on my perceptions of them...is actually slightly inferior.

Current project ? Mounting the A3 Trans to an A5 head, with A5 pistonarm swapout.

THAT might work, we will see.


Re: Dream Moped Collection?

Top-Tank Kriedler,Top-tank Zundapp,Motobecane SEBRING with 2-speed Franco-Morini and Top-Tank(saw one at Handy Bikes in Columbus and they're awesome),and 4-stroke Indian(just missed out on 2 with very low miles in exc. cond.)Arrgghh!!!

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