Moped Sighting

Tonight on Ripleys Believe it or Not, two people riding double on a moped are impaled on a huge spike.... gross....

The full clip will air later in the show-- 08/29/2001 8:00 EST

I know this isn't the "Sightings" Forum, but sheesh,

Please post if you see this clip--- I'll try to see what kind of moped it was.


Re: Moped Sighting

Correction-- not a moped... was a smallish motorcycle... maybe a 125...

looked like a moped w/two big guys on it though...

nasty clip... I almost passed out viewing it

Re: Moped Sighting

XBrandon EdgeX /

I saw it too. I think it said suzuki on the windshield. It sounded like a two stroke, though.

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