The "bare" engine essentials?

James A. Corbally /

My workshop manual lists many different "special" tools, ranging from conrod holders to crankcase installers to bearing/oil seal inserters/removers.

My question is; when working on the engine, changing the cylinder/crankshaft etc. which of these "special" tools are absolute must-haves, and how easy are they to get?



Re: The "bare" engine essentials?


Re: The "bare" engine essentials?

James Corbally /

Doug D wrote:



Whats that used for? (I don't know of any flywheel on my machine) Anyone else got any other suggestions?

What about all this bearing remover/installer mularkey?


Re: The "bare" engine essentials?

the flywheel puller looks like a nut with a bolt through it. you screw that onto the bolt in the middle of the flywheel (the metal magneto) and then screw the other part in the opposite direction. a set of fly wheel holders is also useful, but a monkey wrench can hold the flywheel from spinning just as well.

but w/o a flywheel puller you are not getting your magneto off. period.

if you're only dealing w/ changing the cylinder, all you need are socket sets (at least on puch and minarelli). minarelli uses 10mm sockets.

your bare essential tools should include:

screwdrivers (philips and flat)

metric socket set (including spark plug socket)

flywheel puller

needlenose pliers (you'll need those to remove/replace pistons)

adjustable wrench

metric allen wrenches


carb cleaner

Re: The "bare" engine essentials?

Also a set of snap-ring pliers and a set of punches and drift pins and brass and rubber hammers are nice along with a torque wrench.

Re: The "bare" engine essentials?

James Corbally /

Don, snap-ring pliers are circlip pliers, right? By "punches" I'm assuming you mean awls or something like that. I'm not sure what drift pins are, however.

I have a torque wrench, but I need another to provide for the 1-26Nm range (mine bottoms out at 28Nm). I also hope to have a rubber-headed mallet soon.

Thanks for your advice!


Re: The "bare" engine essentials?

Well, James,for circlips I always used needle nosed pliers with a sharp tripped flat screwdriver,but snap-rings are all sizes and types and can be gnarly without QUALITY replaceable tip pliers.Get MAC or SNAP-ON and you'll be glad they're on your shelf when you need them.Instead of `drift pins' I should have said `drifts'.They allow you to bluntly drive out a roll-pin or broken cotter pin and they're all around handy.Don't forget the brass hammer and always put a baby sledge or reg.sledge behind anything you have to hit that has no support.e.g. (driving a pedal arm lock-bolt out without bending pedaling shaft.)I wish you success! (;)

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