fixing brakes for honda express

hi i am not even sure where to begin but my brakes are squealing like a small child who has just realized he ran out of fun dip.

how do i go about fixing these? i checked fred's guide but didn't see anything about brakes in there.

Re: fixing brakes for honda express

gimmyjimmy /

Hi Cheryl,

What's shakin' in Beantown?

It could be a couple of things, your brake shoes could be wore down where metal on metal is squealing when you apply them, bad news.


brake dust has acculmilated in the drum, good news.

this can be fixed by spraying brake cleaner (buy at auto parts store) through the small hole in the brake drum, spin the tire, apply brakes and spray some more.

(lay some newspapers down cause it will get messy)

the small hole I refer to should have a rubber plug in it, pop it out with screwdriver.

good luck,


Re: fixing brakes for honda express

Ron Brown /


If you take the wheel off, the brake mechanism will fall out into your hand. Then you can inspect and clean it and replace the shoes if necessary. This is the safest way to do it as riding on warn shoes will destroy the drum. Very expensive. Try to find someone who has worke on drum brakes to help you. Small amounts of correct lubricant in the right places makes a big difference to operation. Too much lube may get on the shoes and screw up the brakes.

Good luck,


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