82 express

I'm considering buying an 82 express, and this guy says the only thing wrong with it is that it needs new reed valves for the carborator. How hard/expensive of a job is this?



Re: 82 express

3 years ago i have a HONDA EXPRESS 1982.

Every time it was fresh little bit outside , the moped was very hard to start !!!

They dont have choke !

Re: 82 express

Wayne Broderick /

I had a 78 express, as others noted, it developed carb/fuel troubles and had to be put down.

This, in my experience w/express, is the most common reason for their problems.

Before I knew about the Moped Army, I was told no parts for the carb could be found (by various honda dealers). I never found parts---

Hope this helps... It was a great machine until the carb or mix went south.


Re: 82 express

To answer your question, to replace the reeds, remove the carburator and the reed block is between the carb and the crankcase. Good luck in finding the part. Ken

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