*Ping* Simon (Site design)

Wayne Broderick /


Did you mention that there was a major site re-design coming? Around the time you put "Fred's Guide" online, I thought you said something was in the works.

You know the "Swarm and Destroy" photos that pop up at random when you navigate the site? I'm dying to see some new shots pop up.... Just curious....

How's Homer? I sent his wife a note wishing him well, and letting him know the Moped Army has reached Portland, Maine. Is the "origin" of the Moped Army online anywhere?

As always, thanks for the great site.



Re: *Ping* Simon (Site design)

Simon King /

It's funny that you bring up two questions that I was just talking about within the hour with other Moped Army members. The new site design is underway, and will pick up pace in September. As I get it more concrete there will be a beat site that you can use to help me find problems and test out the new features - I'll make some posts about that as it happens. It's going slow because I needed to get some freelance jobs out of the way first to free up some time.

As for the "origin" of the Moped Army, there is going to be a history section on the new site that will contronical everything. The point of origin in Kalamazoo, MI - but I think you'll find the whole history interesting.

Expect tons of new photos when the new site goes live. I've got hundreds of them sittting on my drive waiting to be uploaded.

Homer is doing better, thanks for the concern. He's out of the hospital, but unfortunately also out of work for 3 months. He has lung problems, and needs to rebuild his strength before going back to work.

Speaking of "swarm and destroy"....

Are there any t-shirts or related merchandise available with this logo?

Re: Speaking of "swarm and destroy"....

Simon King /

yes actually. there are swarm and destroy t-shirts. it's the yellow shirt in <a href="http://www.mopedarmy.com/photos.php3?sub=events&story=1&name=event_bbq4&photoid=59">this photo</a>. They have brown ringers and say 'SWARM AND DESTROY' in brown ink.

If I don't sell them all tomorrow at the BBQ I'll be selling the remainder of them through the website next week. Payment will be with <a href="http://www.paypal.com/">Paypal</a>; only. I'm not sure on the price with shipping yet.

Re: Speaking of &quot;swarm and destroy&quot;....

Put me on that list!

What sizes do you have? I have a PayPal account so...Let me know.

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