QT 50 parts

OK, i have given up on the QT-50, i can't seem to get the parts i need in the UK secondhand so i have a lot of QT-50 parts for sale CHEAP, actually a whole bike, minus piston and cylinder. looking forward to hearing from you, Owen

Re: QT 50 parts


Do you have the cover plates? Not the forward covers, but the rear covers that cover the coil and carb.


Re: QT 50 parts

before you give up on parts, you might try WWW.ebay.com for enexpensive parts. There are a couple of folks there that have more then one bike that you might be able to get the parts you need. There were three or four listings for piston and cylinder in the last month or so.

Re: QT 50 parts

Stormraynes /

If you are still parting out your bike (sad to hear). I could use an air box for mine (if shipping isn't too outrageous). Of course I found a bike in the salvage yard a while back, if they haven't crushed it yet, I might be able to get your parts for you.


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