Derbi-GPR (Canada)

I am currently living in Canada and I was wondering about some canadian Moped laws, I have my eye on getting a Derbi-GPR but from what I hear, the GPR will not be classifed as a moped because it's top speed is far greater then our limits (being 50mph).

Does anyone know any info about this???

Getting a motorcycle licence won't be hard, but I don't want to pay so much for insurance (I heard from one moped dealer it only cost 60cdn a year), and I'll mainly be using this as a transportation for University so parking a moped won't be hard cause I can use bike racks (University parking spaces cost alot and I doubt I'll even get a good spot).

Any information would be greatful.

Thank you

Re: Derbi-GPR (Canada)

J. Sailor /

Get a tomos

Re: Derbi-GPR (Canada)

What are you??? A tomos salesman??

I've tested a Targra before and I am quite impressed, they are excelent mopeds, my second choice (if i can't get a Derbi GPR) would the be the Targra LX, I was wondering if you own one or not, and if so, would you mind writing a short reviews about it??? Your likes and dislikes?


Re: Derbi-GPR (Canada)

Jamie Leonard /

I own a 2000 targa lx myself - so far its been quite a good moped for me (have put a couple of thousand k on it without replacing more than the flasher unit and oil) Also went through one accident and all I had to replace was the fairing (actually still haven't gotten around to it... one of these days) It still starts on the first or second go as well (depending on how cold it is)

Compared to the puch maxi I used to own... better acceleration but slightly less top end (stock that is, before I bought a biturbo for it) but it keeps up with city traffic quite nicely I find. Also have ridden it in the rain a few times... handles a good soaking quite well.

All in all I like it and have had no major issues while riding it. Plus it should meet the qualifications of a moped anywhere in canada (It meets all the federal guidelines for LSM, or limited speed motorcycle... plus it meets the provincial guidelines. In BC you can order the model without pedals if you want, here in ontario you need the pedals. It has turn signals, brake light, etc. Oh one tiny quibble... it only has one hole on the back fender for a license plate so I fabricated a holder for my plate... some people will just punch a single hole in the plate to match the one in the fender as well (right in the top middle)

Re: Derbi-GPR (Canada)

You can ride a derbi gpr50r as a moped beacuse it comes with arestrictor plate in the exhaust which limits the amount of exhaust gases that can escape from the engine. This limits the power the engine produces and so it should not go over about 35mph restricted. Then once you have bought it you take the plate out (easy to find) and voila! your "moped" will do about 55mph. Cool huh it's just a bit illegal but who cares unless the cops take off your exhaust and examine it. In short buy one because their great fun and legal if restricted. I should know I have one!

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