what kind of helmet do you wear?

bicycle, motorocycle or none? I was thinking of a bicycle one. Will be taking my Kinetic (if I ever receive it, I'm dying here! LOL!) to town, 6 miles.

Re: what kind of helmet do you wear?

Wayne Broderick /

I wore no helmet or a bike helmet.

I was in an accident, and think I'll wear a D.O.T. approved half-helmet from now on.

Re: what kind of helmet do you wear?

Jamie Leonard /

I'd advise wearing a motorcycle helmet... can't protect your noggin too much!

Bike helmets just don't offer the same level of protection as a good 3/4 helmet (and if you plan to soup up the derbi at all you might consider a full helmet)

Most fatal bike and motorcycle accidents happen because someone isn't wearing a helmet.

If you'd like to see a fairly long thread debating this.. do a search... I remember one a little ways back that ended up getting a fair amount of replies.

Re: what kind of helmet do you wear?

I would highly recommend wearing a DOT-approved helmet when riding in traffic, as well as goggles or glasses to protect your eyes.

I wear a whole head helmet with an open face. It has a visor that snaps on. Mine is a deep red color. I bought it at scootertherapy.com. They have a great selection of helmets. I think those bicycle style helmets are kind of dorky unless you're riding a bicycle. Just my opinion.

Re:Open Face

Wayne Broderick /

Does anyone know if the open-face helmets leave your ears uncovered? I'd like to be able to hear the world around me when I ride.....

Please let me know. THX!

Re:Open Face

Reeperette /

Not so much uncovered, but yeah...you can actually HEAR.

And the head-in-a-bucket feeling is much reduced.


Re:Open Face

Ataristyle /

I wear a '85 full face helmet with the plastic sheild off and a pair of wrap around safety glasses. The helmet is DOT approved but is old. I just got an '81 SR 250 and the guy who sold it to me gave me his helmet. It is also a full face helmet. It was manufactured in '98. I use this helmet more often now.

Re: what kind of helmet do you wear?

A Bell open faced helmet, it's made of fiberglass and can take repeated blows. I've seen plastic ones break with one hit and still be DOT approved. A SNELL approved helmet is much better, their test is with repeated blows to the helmet, i.e. more like real life.

owwww !

remind me not to ride with you !

Actually... it might be fun.. at a safe distance... to watch these "repeated blows"

How many fingers am I holding up Brian ?


: )

Re: what kind of helmet do you wear?

i wear a dot-approved half helmet. although i feel like a dork in it, i'd prefer that over not wearing one, getting into an accident, and feeling like an idiot. or feeling dead.

Re: what kind of helmet do you wear?

I wear a half-shell- gives you ears, and a lot better protection than a styrofoam cup. For special occasions I dust off the old silver glitter one, but I don't really trust it.

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