this is gonna sound stupid but here goes, if your missing your exhaust gasket, cylinder gasket, and carb gasket, DO YOU LOSE POWER, OR NOT GET ALL THE POWER YOUR SUPPOSED TO GET OUT OF A PUCH MAXI 2HP? THANKS AHEAD OF TIME.

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XBrandon EdgeX /

Yes, you do. a missing carb gasket will mess up your air/fuel mixture. Exhaust gasket, probably not much will happen, but I've heard that it's hard on the engines, probably because of the contrast of temperatures between exhaust gases and the environment.

When you say that the cylinder gasket is missing, do you mean the head gasket (between the cylinder and head), or the base gasket (between the crankcase and cylinder.)?

If it's the head gasket missing, you'll actually GAIN perfomance because it boosts compression when removed. If it's the base gasket, you'll LOSE performance because the intake and exhaust ports will be misaligned. You also might run a risk of the piston going too far up in the cylinder and past the end of it, causing piston, head, cylinder, and ring damage.

Check the resources section of this website to find a place to buy new gaskets if you need them.

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The only significant gasket would be the head gasket. If it does not leak you could be getting additional power from a slightly greater compression ratio.

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I have just finished replacement gaskets for my puch maxi, all the gaskets were made out of that gasket paper and that blue silicone like stufff (no good with names). U have no idea how hard it is to source parts in the UK, i really didn't have much choice but to make my own.

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