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Wayne Broderick /

If I get a new moped, I was wondering what people would suggest? I got the Tomos Targa because it was the best deal, I thought.

I'm not certain I'll get another moped....still pretty upset about the accident....

But, I'd like to look into some new models, Preferably peds that can handle a little bit of modification (at least bi-turbo).

I really appreciate the input--

Also, a question for Ree: What do you think the insurance co. will do about the moped? Cut me a check for the damage and keep the wrecked moped?

I'm sure it could be fixed cheap, but I also assume a shop will estimate it is 'totalled'. I should be able to post some photos of the damaged ped by mid-week.

Tonight at 5:00 is the one week anniversary of the accident. I'm getting all the staples and stitches out tommorrow---

Re: New Moped

Wayne, in the automotive bussiness I had lot of dealings with the adjusters, we towed and stored cars, You will get first shot at the salvage (moped) if totaled, meaning you can buy it back. But if its in a storage yard that has to be paid also. When you are contacted you have to ask what they want for salvage, be careful about signing a release on medical!!!!!! Read everything carefully. Have a quick recovery.... Doug VA.

Re: New Moped


Hope you are healing well. Glad to hear you're willing to "get back on the horse". And glad you will wear a HELMET.

I'm pretty happy with my Kinetic Magnum. For the price, I think I got a really good deal considering what most other mopeds are going for. And bi-turbos are available to increase the speed.

As for the insurance co.--the other guy's insurance is paying I assume? If so, make sure you get EXTRA $$ for pain and suffering. Don't just accept what ever they think you "should" get! They'll try and cut you a check for the amount of your medical bills--don't accept it--ask for a lot more. Chances are they will give you about whatever you want just to keep you from suing them..

Re: New Moped

Reeperette /

>>What do you think the insurance co. will do about the moped? Cut me a check for the damage and keep the wrecked moped?<<

Usually...most insurers won't bother even trying to fix a moped, they'll just total it out and pay blue book....given what labor costs, damned if I'd blame em for that.

I would stay with the Targa, if I were you...yer already familiar with em, right ?


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