Kymco ZX50 and Cobra 50

Mark Sacco /

Folks, I have both a Kymco Cobra (2001) and a Kymco ZX50 (2001). These are great bikes and I know that they are 'limited' - either elecronically or mechanically - to a max speed of about 30mph.

Because I have some mechanical ability and I know something about bikes (I've got a Yamaha FZR 600, a Can Am 250, a Honda 750), I can tell that the Kymcos are just itching to go faster.

Does anyone know if there are rev limiters on the Kymcos?

If so, where are they and how can I disable them?

Thanks for all your help!


Re: Kymco ZX50 and Cobra 50

Wayne Broderick /


I don't think the scooters are 'limited'. I was passed uphill by a girl doubling on her kymko. she would have been going at least 35+ it was a 50cc

I haven't seen a lot of Scooter advice here-- I know someonemay know, but perhaps a scooter webring would be more help?

I like those Kymco's. Nice style. If I wanted a scooter, I'd look at those first.

Re: Kymco ZX50 and Cobra 50

Wayne, do you know of a scooer web-ring? (Its address?) Is there a "scooter-army" like site that you know oi?



Re: Kymco ZX50 and Cobra 50

Wayne Broderick /

I don't, right off hand. I would go to and ask it to search "scooter webring" to see what comes up.

Wait a day or so, cause I know some forum regulars will know more about "Scooters on the Web" and resources.

Maybe try

see about scooter links from that site


Re: Kymco ZX50 and Cobra 50

mike hartel /

i can tel you that the zx uses a honda elite moter and my 200 honda elite only went 28to30 tops. it is restited by a plate on the back of the front pully under the drive cover pull the front pully and remove it and place the pully and all back on.

Re: Kymco ZX50 and Cobra 50

The Cobra is restricted to 30 mph. If you live in a state that does not have a moped speed limit, you can change the clutch boss and unhook the rev limiter to get a top speed of 50 mph. I took this off of scooterthearpy. Also my girlfriends dad just got a couple of those and I took one out and they really move if you do this. I was going 45 easy.

Scooter Army

J. Sailor /

You should start a Scooter Army

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