tuning a mobilette

hello there. is there some one who can tell my about the tuning proces of a mobilette?


Re: tuning a mobilette

are u looking to make it faster? if so, heres a couple tips..... try cutting out a soda can into a flat sheet of aluminum, and trave the head gasket on it, and use it as a gasket, instead of the stock one. this shud increase compression. also, try to find a bigger carb, i use the one that comes from a 70cc tomos kit. also, get a maniflod ( there is a short stubby one, and a long curved one for motobecanes) the bigger manifold will help gas/air flow. if u dont have the bigger manifold, dont bother with a bigger carb. also, make sure the chain isnt to tight/loose. and make sure ur brakes arent dragging. Also, oil all the bearing in the wheels, and in the big pully whell, and ber sure they all spin freely (there shoold be resistance on the back wheel and pully when you spin them with the drive belt on, so pop it off to see everything spins ok) be sure the tires, especially the rear, is inflated to the max rated pressure ( dont blow em up though!) these are all things i have done to my moby, and i absolutley LOVE my moby. it is by far the most comfortable,easy to work on, quality, and most torquey moped i have ever had, ( and ive had quite a few) if ur looking just to get it running smooth, like a carb tun up, then theres really nothing to tune, cause theres no air/gas adjustment, unless u swap the jet, which u shouldnt have to do. If it runs rough, or dosent run, check that tune-up manual thats all over the place on this forum. email me if u got any questions.

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