Cheap Moped?

Anyone know where I can get an EXTREMELY cheap moped? Im talking like under $75. I don't care how old it is, or how many miles it has, or if it runs; as long as all the parts are there. I don't know much about taking mopeds apart, so I wanna start on a cheap one before I mess up my targa lx :P.

Re: Cheap Moped?

Shane Wolfe /

Your better off getting a good repair manual or a set of books on small engine and motorcycle repair.

Re: Cheap Moped?

I don't know, I'd keep an eye out at flea markets and ask at scooter/motorcycle repair shops. Sometimes people bring them in and never return, so the shop decides to sell them after a while. Or try Ebay; they usually run about $70 for complete, rough, non-working mopeds. But do everyone a favor and if you're really luck and get a nice one for cheap, don't go ruining some original, lovely specimin of machinery. Do the dutiful thing and pass it on to someone who wants to ride.

Actually, I have an old one I was going to fix up. It's pretty complete, and I don't have time now that I'm moving to France. Where are you? I support your hands-on approach.


Re: Cheap Moped?

if youre in or around texas ive got a place for ya. If so email me.

Re: France

Wayne Broderick /

Hey, Lady!


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