I need to buy a helmet...anybody know a good site...there so damn expensive. Thats like two weeks of paychecks lol....I'm only 15 with a crappy job :(

Re: Helmet

Not sure what you're looking for, but:

Here's a half-helmet for $36..


or a full-face one for $64.


These are the most economically priced helmets I know of. They are made by a company called THH and are DOT approved. If you have the cash, I would go with a full-face model.

These products (and many others) are sold by a company called Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse. I have bought many things from them- they are very reputable and reliable.

Best of luck to you!

Re: Helmet

Jiffy Sailor /

Go to Goodwill or any other thrift store for a nice 70's style. you will get extra points with the ladies. Have fun!

Re: Helmet

I bet you can't beat Walmart or Kmart.


And if worse comes to worst... a bicycle helmet is not too bad at all.. and can be had for $20 sometimes.

Yes... bicycle helmets are not as strong as motorcycle helmets... and may not be state approved.. but considering the number of kids I see with NO helmets, they are certainly better than none.

Re: Helmet

Hi Nick,

I found a really nice helmet at scootertherapy.com

Their prices are reasonable compared to my local stores and they have a good selection. I don't really care for bicycle-style helmets, so I found a full-head style at scootertherapy that I can add a partial or full face shield to.

Re: Helmet


Thanks for all the help but I think I'm going to go with that one. It's nice and its only $93

Re: Helmet

Ron Brown /


In the olden days, I rode a Honda 450 twin to the west coast and back. KMart was my dealer of choice for oil and chains. Quite a few years ago, someone wearing a DOT helmet sold at KMart successfully sued KMart for not knowing the helmet was defective (DOT anyone?). The end result of this was that KMart has never sold anything for motorcycles since, including helmets. I think Wal-Mart does carry helmets but, other than batteries, motorcycle parts seem to only exist at motorcycle dealers. Let's hear it for lawers!


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