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Well, here's my experience with going the moped route so far....

>Why do I prefer the moped over other forms of >transportation?...

>Overall cost.

Man, this is so great about the moped.....the cheapest new motorcycle I could find in my area was over $ 3,000, for a 200cc one..My new Avanti moped cost me less then $1,000 with all the extras....So, for the price of the cheapest motorcycle in my area I could have bought at least three of my new mopeds, rode one and set the extra ones aside as spares ! Another option, I could have bought a cheaper TFR Kinetic moped, for about $600 if I really wanted to go cheap, so that would have let me buy 5 mopeds for the cost of that one small motorcycle :)

registration costs 8.00 a year in NJ and no motorcycle test needed...also, no annual inspection needed as on a, less hassle


>They get between 75 and 150 miles per gallon. Few motorcycles can get 75.<

Man, check out the mopeds made in India....quality control is something they have to work on, but once you get them setup you seem to have a pretty good bike ...Some Indian fellows I work with convinced me to try an Indian moped...Gas is expensive in India and the people are poor, so gas mileage rating is the MOST important factor when buying a bike there( horsepower and speed take a back seat to gas mileage over there)...My Avanti mopeds is rated at 95km/liter.. which comes out to something like over 225 miles per gallon ! It's no lie,check 'em out... I put 1 gallon of gas in mine, drive it for 100 miles and still have about 1/2 gallon left over, it's simply great !


>When I took a moped engine apart for the first time, I realized >that there was virtually nothing to it! There's less to go

>wrong and when something goes wrong, it's an easy fix.

This is exactly what I was looking for....simplicity,ruggedness, no breakdowns, no repair bills....just simple maintenance and change the spark plug once in awhile


>Unless I'm riding with my friends, I never see another moped. >Almost every moped I see, I know the person.

We do seem to be in a small inner circle,enjoying a small brotherhood by mopeding in the USA.... But I don't care about being an individual so much...I'd rather that the moped and power-assisted bicycle ranks in the USA swelled much, much higher...that would get alot of dangerous car drivers off the road and ease traffic congestion . Increased numbers would also give us more political muscle to demand that roads become more two-wheel friendly,have special lanes created for us,let us use highway shoulders ,etc... it might also put a moped dealer/repair shop in my area instead of me having to drive 100 miles to reach one !

>Driver to drivee weight ratio.

>Motorcycles are turning into two-wheeled cars lately (Honda >Goldwing, for example). A lot of motorcycles can't even be

>lifted back onto their wheels should they fall over. I could >probably carry my moped, should the need arise. Not for

>several blocks or anything, but should I need to lift it out of >a hole or up onto a tall curb, I can. It's more of an extension

> of your body than something that you're just along for the ride >on.

I can't understand big bikes either.....more expensive then many cars and just as heavy...

And those guys that mess with the exhaust systems to make them louder should be ticketed every time they start one up, I'm sorry...every excuse Ive heard , like louder is safer, is pure B.S. !


>They take up so little of it, you can park on the sidewalk.

I even park my moped in my house sometimes :)

I really think that a moped is safer then a motorcycle.... ! At under 30mph I can keep good control of my bike,avoiding an accident, even if some jackass in a car pulls an unbelievable stunt in front of's a slow enough speed to react and recover...and my bike is light enough to body-handle it too...your two boots on the ground can really influence the path of a light moving moped... if I was doing 50 mph on a heavy motorcycle and a car dove out on me, forget it , the motorcycle would just be unstopable , pancake city !

I find that on the moped I tend to stay to the shoulders alot if they are available , clean and smooth...if the shoulder is wide, not bumpy with potholes, storm grates and not filled with parked cars I usually feel safer there then to be in the middle of the lane, having a car bumper inches directly behind me, a split-second from smooshing me like a bug.

No, there's too many retards in cars these days..I want to be mixing it up with car drivers as little as possible...I'd rather go slower,stay to the right side, out of their way,then to be out in the lane being forced to exceed the speed limit on a two-wheeled missle trying to escape their bumpers.

Hey, and you have to admit it, it is fun to LEGALLY take the lane ( when there is no shoulder )and while you're doing your incredible putt-putt moped speed all those

in-a-big-hurry-car drivers-with such incredibly-important lives that they have to drive dangerously and at excessive speeds are forced to drive behind you and just eat it ! Ha ! we are making the roads safer for everyone !

> The moped is efficiency at it's finest.

Why mopeds? Why not?

Yup,amen to that....

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