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Mr Leonard... I hereby challenge you and your moped to a test of... "Efficiency"!

The mission (should you choose to accept it) would be to determine which form of 2 wheeled transportation is the most efficient in terms of fuel economy.

The test would be..... Any 2 stroke 50cc moped against my 1100cc 20 year old ordinary stock motorcycle.

Run them both till they are out of gas.

Then fill them both with an equal amount (1 gallon?) of their ordinary fuel.

Then ride the same path.

And see who runs out of gas first.

My strategy will simply be to follow you.

I believe you will run out of gas first (getting your normal 60 to 70mpg).

Then I will simply ride past you and go another 5 or 10 miles getting 80mpg at those speeds.. (or at least I think I will) : )

That was my point in discussing 'efficiency' of a ped versus motorcycle.

Despite their extremely low weight and low performance... mopeds are not very efficient at all.

I was surprised to learn this myself .

I used to think my PA50 got 110mpg... then I found out (on this forum!) that it measures kilometers not miles... so I am actually only getting 66mpg or so.

Considering how slow they are going... that is not very good.

Going a steady 75mph... my 100hp 550 pound motorcycle will get 50mpg.

At 75 I am pushing a LOT of air.

Slowing down to 30mph means my economy goes way up... from 50mpg... to ????mpg

Don't anybody take this wrong... I am not ragging on mopeds.

I wouldn't post here if I didn't ride them and enjoy them.

And I don't think this challenge will actually happen (Jamie, we live too far apart).

(though maybe Ron or Ree would be dumb enough (like me) to do this)

Or I could just do a solo test at 30 mph and check mileage.

I justed wanted to point out the truth about efficiency.

If you really want efficient 2 wheeled transportation, you would get a 250cc or smaller 4 stroke motorcycle and ride slowly... they will do 100mpg ridden slowly... and still go 75mph with 20hp when needed.

A mileage competition in the 80's had a bike like I described doing 280mpg after basic modifications (and streamlining).

That was ridden very slowly (like 25mph max) and coasted when possible.

Just a few facts for fun.

I am going riding now. : )

Jamie Leonard wrote:


> .

> > >

> > Partly true.. but an old motorcycle (even a large one) can

> > run as little as $80 for plates and insurance for the season.


> - Well to be fair this depends on the size of the motorcycle

> (here at least it directly depends on engine size and rider

> record). If I were driving even a very small motorcycle I'd

> be paying literally 4 times the insurance or more per year.

> So that depends on the area, on the bike, and on the rider.


> > Not really... many people mistake a mopeds mileage as

> > "mileage"... but its actually kilometers.


> - this depends again, have seen ratings in miles per gallon

> and kilometers - and of course you have to compare the same

> to the same to get an accurate result.


> > I say almost NO mopeds get over 100mpg.


> True, but the average moped still gets anywhere from 20-40mpg

> more than a motorcycle and if you ride every day to work as I

> do over the course of a year that isn't a small amount with

> current gas prices. :)


> > Most only get 70mpg... way low considering how slow they are.

> > Almost all motorcycles get at least 40... many get 50... the

> > smaller ones (smaller than 500cc) get 60.

> > Motorcycles win that one.


> Actually they win if you count power/mileage maybe... but in

> mileage they'll always lose out if you're looking strictly at

> that.


> > Simplicity.

> > When I took a moped engine apart for the first time, I

> > realized that there was virtually nothing to it! There's less

> > to go wrong and when something goes wrong, it's an easy fix.

> > >

> > I agree with that... and that is why I like them.


> Agreed. Plus being simpler with basic maintenence on many

> models they'll last for a LONG time. (how many of you are

> riding 20 year old machines with 80 percent plus original

> parts after all)



> > OK... but for every 200 cars or trucks... there is still

> > only about 1 motorcycle. You are still in a tiny minority.

> >

> I'd say this depends on the area for both sides. Here I see

> a lot of motorcycles and few mopeds (but getting to be more)

> I'd say the ratio here might be closer to 100 to 1 or 50 to

> 1.. and mopeds being VERY much less common than that. I get

> stopped 2-3 times a week with people asking me about mopeds

> these days.... I don't see motorcycle drivers getting stopped

> very much :)



> > Very few bikes are getting bigger.

> > Many are getting lighter.

> >

> Actually I see a trend here for people to keep buying the

> larger sportsbikes - and seeing as many of them are novice

> riders they end up as pavement pizza. Not to mention any

> issues picking it up. Even the lightest motorcycle I've ever

> seen stilled weighed considerably more than any moped (well

> excepting perhaps that zundapp moped made that looked exactly

> like a motorcycle... but how many of THOSE do you see!)



> > Mopeds and motorcycle are both small and can fit in small

> > spaces everywhere.

> >

> True, but mopeds are even easier than motorcycles. I can

> stick mine behind concrete dividers and such because I can

> pick it up and lift it over things. Can't do that with a

> motorcycle. Some places I can put it in a bike rack (some

> people get upset, some don't) and many other places I get

> stick it in some unused corner where I could never get a

> motorcycle. But in general both are easy to park, mopeds

> just have some extra advantages.



> > You don't have to buy a 180mph bike.

> > The average motorcycles power gets used a lot.

> > You can get away from dangerous cars driven by zombies

> easily.

> >

> With no mods aside from the biturbo on my machine I don't

> have any issues getting away from anyone... speed limits on

> the roads I take are at most 60kph and I can do a good 10 kph

> above that if I have to. Acceleration is really the only

> issue where in downtown driving motorcycles have the

> advantage rather than power. And I find most people (aside

> from some exceptions) buy them for power, to impress people,

> or to pick up the opposite sex. :) I bought a moped because

> I don't care what people thing and I have fun riding it. Why

> get a motorcycle with more power I wouldn't use where I ride,

> pay 5 times as much per year, and have it cost twice as much

> or more to buy in the first place?


> > The moped is efficiency at it's finest.

> > >

> > Your typical 2 stroke mopeds are typically quite inefficient

> > in terms of mpg.

> >

> Comes down to apples and oranges here. They might be

> inefficient but given the amount of power they use and amount

> of gas they use... they're still more efficient than a

> motorcycle for the job of pushing one person around a city.

> On a strictly power developed for gas used type of examation

> you're probably right.. but when you look at how much gas

> they use for pushing one person around downtown... they win.


> > To Mr ZX who asked the question... Many of us own both.

> > I use the moped for short trips to the store quite often.

> > And take motorcycles for longer trips.


> Which is the perfect way to do it I'll admit, mopeds aren't

> exactly suitable for highway usage after all :) (I just have

> no reason to use the highway.. otherwise I'd look into a

> vehicle for that as well)


> Just my two cents (well ok I might have put in 4... damn

> inflation)

> Jamie

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