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<HTML>Just bought a moped on eBay and was shocked to learn that the seller proposes to ship by "Federal" at a cost of $412.00!!!! This is not far from the cost of the moped. I feel so stupid to have gone ahead without an estimate first, but I had asked for one and was told it would be estimated once I won. In the meantime, I checked into a shipment cost on a new Kinetic TFR, and was told it would be $108. So I used that as my estimate.

Anyway, does anyone know of a more reasonable alternative to Federal? Among other issues, they charge the same for motorcycles up to 950cc as they do for a 49cc moped! The moped is coming from Littleton, CO 80121 to NY, NY 10016. Any help would be most appreciated.</HTML>

RE: HELP! Re: moped shipping

<HTML>most Kinetic shiping is included in price(FREE)</HTML>

RE: HELP! Re: moped shipping

<HTML>I bought one on e-bay in Arizona and it was delivered to any major airport (Kansas City in this case) for 80.00. The seller did the packing and had an arrangement with a truck line to do the delivery. I'm sure the packing would take an hour or two and I don't have any idea if you could find someone in Littleton by phone to handle it or not. An alternate would be disassemble it and ship it in 3 ups boxes.

The Kinetic is already boxed by the manufacturer and shipping by truck would probably be about $100. You might get on e-bay and ask mxwife what they would suggest. They and 2 sons in Kansas ship many mopeds and small cycles all over the country. Wish I could help more. George</HTML>

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