bike night(columbus/Ohio)

Anyone hear about wednesday night bike night at quaker state and lube?

Re: bike night(columbus/Ohio)

yea...i went once (with out my moped) and its just a bunch of harley guys most of which bought their bikes just so they could attend events like this....i even saw a few of them staling their bike...theres a few crotch rockets too.

Re: bike night(columbus/Ohio)

William Laing /

It seems every year it keeps geting bigger and bigger.

we should get some mopeders up there one night.

Re: bike night(columbus/Ohio)

i went once, isnt it right by polaris mall?

Re: bike night(columbus/Ohio)

Whiteboyonmoped . /


I've always joked to my friends that we should go on some peds or scooters here. I'm game.

Re: bike night(columbus/Ohio)

I've heard of Bike Night. I went there last summer and saw about 500 bikes. It was crazy! They have anywhere from crotch rockets to choppers and fat boys. I know of 3-4 kids with mopeds if anybody wants to plan a date where everybody can ride up there.

Re: bike night(columbus/Ohio)

I live 2 miles from the mall.look forward to see the bikes go by on wednesdays...a really neat parade...I thought about taking my little mini chopper there. (LOL) Bikes are backed for miles getting off of I 71 on to Polaris Parkway.

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