The sweetest fucking moped i''ve ever seen

Re: The sweetest fucking moped i''ve ever seen

that's not a moped, thatz a fuckin' motorcycle.

Re: The sweetest fucking moped i''ve ever seen

no its not...its 49.96 cc engine, read the auction, its registered under a moped. anyways heres the site

Re: The sweetest fucking moped i''ve ever seen

Jamie Leonard /

Depends on the area - some places define mopeds with more exacting standards than just engine displacement (here in ontario it has to have pedal start, pedals, automatic clutch to be considered a moped for example) Mind you I've seen one noped in toronto with a moped license plate so I suspect the ministry of transportation doesn't always know its own rules ;)

Re: The sweetest fucking moped i''ve ever seen

Ataristyle /

50 cc Motorcycle classified as a moped. Yamaha produced some 50cc motorcycles in the late 80s. They were YSRs. Neat little bikes but only have 12 inch wheels. Honda made a 50cc bike too. Only one year it was produced(1982). It is a Honda MB5. They were only capable of 55mph. If I was to get a sport bike, I would like to get a Derbi GPR. I'm happy with my tomos and my SR 250 I just bought.

That ain't no moped

I don't care what somebody did or how they got lucky when they registered it.

It ain't a moped and it ain't a scooter.

That Derbi and the Aprilia RS50 are both full on small motorcycles with 6 speed gearboxes and a manual clutch and about 8 HP and full suspension and disc brakes front and rear.

(and no PEDals!)

If governments want to change their wording to classify it as a moped... fine(great!)... but it ain't a moped.

Hell... I guess you could call it a toaster...

In fact... I have just decided to call it a capuccino machine.

lawn mower?


Re: That ain't no moped

well maybe so...but it is one sweet bike

hey Fred, Jim C.

gimmyjimmy /

Pikes Peak Motorcycle Hillclimb

tonight on ESPN2 at 11pm

I just saw it, it's good, and they show some sidecar racing too at the end.

Re: The sweetest fucking moped i''ve ever seen

Why make a bike look like a fast sport motorcycle when it's only 50cc's and hence "not very fast"? Kind of contradictory don't you think? Plus, sport bikes are 1 of 2 types of motorcycles out there today (the other's being Harley style bikes), so why is it so cool that there's a moped that looks like the most generic, commonplace motorcycle out there?

Re: That ain't no moped

Read my reply under Crotch rocket moped. You are correct this is no Moped and Derbi is in big trouble with the US DOT. I listed the details of the trouble they are in. Rick


that is too bad (about Derbi)

And the almighty US government again proves they are the enemy of the people.

Consider this... The US DOT has all those expensive (to meet) rules and regulations that keep most of the interesting small bikes in the world out of this country (apparently regarding pollution standards?)

Meanwhile large trucks and buses and airplanes have ZERO emissions standards to meet!

Re: Yes, that is sweet.

Very nice.

Re: Yes, that is sweet.

ok...who wouldnt want that on this forum

Re: The sweetest fucking moped i''ve ever seen

That's been done before!

Yamaha YSR-50 about 15 years ago.

Re: The sweetest fucking moped i''ve ever seen

I agree that they are not really mopeds because they have 6 gears and no pedals but they are in the same tax bracket in the UK. I should know I've got a derbi and they are the fastest stock 50 except for an RS50 aprilia. Mines great fun though although the guy on that link said 75-80 top speed NO way unless going downhill. Mine does 55mph upright and 60mph (100kph) tucked behind screen. I recommend them though just beware of knackered ones, even if they are built to be thrashed ;)

70 mph moped

Wayne Broderick /

Maybe it's because I was reccently bashed apart by a car, but I do not want to see more than 45 mph on a 50cc bike. The Bi-turbo is plenty of "mod" for me.

I'm lucky to be alive at this point. The key to a safe moped (in my opinion) is moderation. Nothing moderate about 150% performance.

I think I'd like to have a ped to soup up for off-road and a tame one for street riding.

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