I seriosly need some help!!!!

Why the heck is gas comin out the back of my carb!!! I just got a new fuel petcock, I got a new fuel line, float and needle valve. I need to fix this thing I am getting annoyed by it. Please help.

Re: I seriosly need some help!!!!

What type is your machine? Regardless of type, two-stroke engines normally blow back wet fuel out of the carburetor when running. It is sucked back in again and then out again and on and on. It is the nature of two strokes. It is not noticed with the air cleaner in place. Is this the nature of your problem or are you talking about something entirely different?

Re: I seriosly need some help!!!!

Sorry my moped is a 1982 yamaha qt-50 and it leeks out the back evenwhen it is not running.

Re: I seriosly need some help!!!!

Your carburator's float is stuck or the float valve/seat is not sealing correctly.

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