For those long rides...



Re: For those long rides...

jamie leonard /

I'd love to see the maintenence schedule for that...

"300 miles.. add oil. 400 miles, replace tidy bowl..."

Re: For those long rides...

gimmyjimmy /

are you shittin me!

that's gotta be a politician's ride.

Re: For those long rides...

waht happens to all the waste after u have flushed it dont try and bull shit my by sayin it runs on it as well

Re: Toilet-mobile

Wayne Broderick /

I thought for sure it was a photo of either BHP or Haysodumb's machine

Re: Toilet-mobile

Look closely. That's Haysodumb in the bottom of the bowl.

Re: Toilet-mobile

Hellcat Carrie /

I think I'm gonna call it the "poop-and-scoot"

-great for when you're late to work -


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