Calling all Madison Mopeders

It turns out that Madison, WI, home of my (misspent) youth, is the antithesis of the moped army. It is SCOOTERVILLE! What's with that, anyway? Mopeds are way cooler. This message goes out to any moped riders in the area - email me! As much as I love my moped, having friends with whom to represent would be fantastic. There needs to be a Madison Moped Army. I should make stickers and represent. -contact me!

Re: Calling all Madison Mopeders

I just got a Peugeot sp 103. Trying to get it running. I live in Madison as well. What does an Army do?


Re: Calling all Madison Mopeders

army members burn cars, get drunk at lunch, all the fun stuff!

Re: Calling all Madison Mopeders

Time to revive an old thread.

Same message. Any Madison Army members out there?

I think it's time to start a branch and take over this would be moped town from it's scooter invaders.

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