Cimatti moped?

<HTML> I would like any info on this minarrelli powered moped,it is an old but in great shape.And thanks in advance.</HTML>

RE: Cimatti moped?

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<HTML>The Cimatti City Bike was manufactured by Cimatti of Italy and was a favorite through Europe for many years.

It has a 49.6cc Minarelli engine. The moped weighs about 105 lbs and mileage is estimated bewteen 120-150mpg. There were two models, one with the gas tank mounted over the rear wheel and the other model with the gas tank mounted in front on the frame under the handle bars. The rear gas tank model only holds .6 gallons. The front tank model has a capacity of 1.5 gallons.

The bike came with heavy duty rear shocks and telescopic front suspension and a long chrome muffler which gave it a nice quiet ride. The orginal had a contour seat and tool kit included. The bike sold in the late seventies for $449 and came in gold or red. later colors offered were a metallic blue and pearl white.

I have a Blue front tank whole parts bike if you need any parts.

My web site is with pictures of the bike there.

Good luck with your Cimatti, nice little moped.



RE: Cimatti moped?

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