Puch Maxi--Brake switches

If the brake switches are not connected, will the headlights and tail lights still work? My lights and horn are dead, and I am just trying to figure it out. Thanks.

Re: Puch Maxi--Brake switches

Yes, they will. The brakelight circuit is independent of the others.

Re: Puch Maxi--Brake switches

I had a similar problem. It was a while back but as I recall the horn was disconnected when I got the ped. When I pressed the horn button it was like hitting the kill switch. And the headlight didn't work either. When I connected the horn, everthing worked fine. I would bench test the bulbs to make sure they are good and then check all of the grounds on the Puch clean the contacts with some emory paper and then reassemble. I also put a little di-electric grease into the bulb holders to prevent oxidation.

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