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<HTML>I have a '80 Honda Express and I need advice on adjusting the carb. It runs fast with the choke on (like it should). But when I shut off the choke it comes to a stop, or it will run at two speeds (realy fast or idle no in-between). I think the main jet is cloged. Could it be something else? I would like to know. Thanks</HTML>

RE: Carb Trouble


read the post on the guy with a honda 80 aero with the same problem . he

had a post a couple of days before yours. same problem i am sure</HTML>

RE: Carb Trouble

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<HTML>When you put the choke on this closes the carb air intake and lets the engine get more gas . The pin could Of slipped and the door to the intake could be staying open. this will let the intake get too much air. being that it is an 80 it coulb be clogged. Is the tip of the spark plug white tan ot black. email. me back a.s.a.p. </HTML>

RE: Carb Trouble

<HTML>There is an air leak (possibly crankcase seals) that is letting too much air into the engine.The choke restricts air intake so if the engine runs well with the choke on the engine is drawing the air it requires in another way (seal leakage).

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