NGK B5HS too hot for Puch?

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I have a 78 Puch Maxi. I went to buy plugs the other day, and the guy behind the counter said that the B5HS that I buy all the time is a really hot plug. Is it too hot for the Maxi motor?

Re: NGK B5HS too hot for Puch?

I run NGK B7HS in all of my mopeds and it seems to run fine. I know for sure that puch maxi's are made for NGK B5HS plugs. They shouldn't hurt your engine.

tom king

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Re: NGK B5HS too hot for Puch?

i use a B6HS in my 78' Puch Magnum MK2... it's what was recommended for my bike... i don't know whether higher numbers mean hotter or what, but that's what i use... if you've used it for all that time though, and it works, why stop?



Re: NGK B5HS too hot for Puch?

I've always read in manuals that a B6HS is the recommended plug for pretty much any two-stroke bike I've ever owned. It works very well for in city (short fast bursts) but you will want to change to a cooler plug (B7HS) for really long rides at full open. I've even ridden B8's, but there is a noticable difference when you finish a long ride and you start the bike the next day and try to accelerate quickly. Hope that helps.

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