Bashed Arm Photo (Accident)

Wayne Broderick /

ouch. Feels better as it dries out though.


Re: Bashed Arm Photo (Accident)

That's a bad looking case of road rash Wayne.

Re: Bashed Arm Photo (Accident)

oh yes it is... but, it'll make a hell of a story... even if you have to "embellish" a little...



Re: Bashed Arm Photo (Accident)

Did you damage the road any?

Re: Bashed Arm Photo (Accident)

Looks pretty swollen ! Can you apply ice? To your drink that is.Kick back and take it easy buddy.

Re: Bashed Arm Photo (Accident)

are those stiches? that looks horrible. i've been very luck to have no major spills. but i'll be even more careful.

Re: Bashed Arm Photo (Accident)

Wayne Broderick /

Yes, that was before the stitches were out. It looks a lot better now.

I always thought I'd "See it coming" and have a little reaction time. In this accident, One minute I was riding fine, the next I was flying through the air.

I had no reaction time at all. That was the most disturbing part for me.

I should be back to work around sept 19th. The double fracture in my leg is what's keeping me out.

It's been the nicest weather since I dumped-- it figures.

Ride Safe!

dumped moped at 5 mph, ouch

Tis only a flesh wound.

Re: dumped moped at 5 mph, ouch

Looking on the bright side if you're ever a "John Doe" the coroner will be able to identify you by your plate number "4234929". I believe that plate comes with a lifetime warranty. Neat pictures. Was this 'ped related?

You never can tell when your time will come, if it ever comes. I ride ATGATT. I know it's hot, but better to be hot than to have road rash. I don't know if gear would have prevented the double fracture though. Gear only goes so far.

Here's an acronym for fractures:

Poor little Suzy Died Tuesday of Unusual Circumstances.

P: pain

L: Loss of motion

S: swelling

D: deformity

T: tenderness

U: unusual range of motion

C: crepitus: sound of bone on bone grating

Bashed Arm Photo (Accident)


Re: Bashed Arm Photo (Accident)

ya! ouch!

Re: Bashed Arm Photo (Accident)

yes, moped related. drove into the side of a car at about 35 mph. Smack dab into his drivers side.

my wheel hit his wheel well, the moped buckled alongside the drivers side of his car, my arm smashed out his window & got the wind knocked out of me when the top of his door/the roof hit my chest.

He was still speeding to the right so I half flew half rolled up and over his car doing a flip and landing on my knee.

the leg damage was when the moped slammed my leg into his car. I think the bottom of the undercarriage is where my ankle busted and the holes in my leg were where his broken mirror gnashed at me.

it was a mess but I still love mopeds. that was a nice 2000 targa, cool bike. fun til I got hit

Re: Bashed Arm Photo (Accident)

Brian Mikami /

Holy crap! Sounds like it could have been a lot worse, man, those are nasty injuries. Did you lose control or did the driver cut you off?

Re: Bashed Arm Photo (Accident)

Glad you survived Wayne. Feel better!


Re: Bashed Arm Photo (Accident)

yeah, it was totally his fault, I healed well and they paid for everything and I got a check for 86k. even better we didn't get a lawyer, just read lots of books.

Re: Bashed Arm Photo (Accident)

Brian Mikami /

Nice settlement. And glad you lived to spend it. Take care.

Re: Bashed Arm Photo (Accident)

hey wayno guess a hayabusa wouldnt be wise choice for to injuries though hope all mends well:-)ill ride a few hours for ya

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