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Many thanks to Jim, who helped me with his expert knowledge in how to replace the drive belt on my Kinetic Magnum.

It took several tries and about 6 different guys to finally get the new belt on. But in the process, the clutch assembly came loose and the bearings fell out of sync. One of the guys took it apart and put the bearings back in place and then put the clutch back on (it is on the front of the front pulley).

With the new belt on, the 'ped starts up right away. It seems to idle just a bit high, but when I take it down from the stand and try to ride, I turn the throttle and it will not accelerate right away. Then it will finally , slowly, get up to about 20mph, it runs fine and I even got it up to 35mph (which is 5 mph faster than before I changed the belt!)...but then if I come to a complete stop, then accelerate, it just has no get up and go. It's running almost opposite of the way it was before...I used to be able to get good acceleration but 30mph top speed, now I get hardly any acceleration and more top end.


The guy who fixed the clutch got all sorts of grease on his hands, and then he wiped them and put the belt back on and sprayed some carb cleaner around the pulleys and belt areas. He thinks he may have gotten some grease on the belt and/or pulley. Could this have any thing to do with the acceleration problem?

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!!



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Yep! Grease on a belt will sure mess it up.

Re: drive belts and stuff

Reeperette /

Apply some automotive "Belt Dressing" to it.

Ask around at yer local auto parts store, you should find it easy's prolly just a case of a little slippage, yeah.


Re: drive belts and stuff

Hi Peggy! Was the new belt an exact replacement belt,`cause if it's a little thicker or stiffer the variator will behave differently.If it's an exact replacement though it probably just needs what Ree said,belt dressing.

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Ron Brown /


Don has a good point. It did not register whem I first read this post but I think you answered the question yourself. If your ped is now 5 mph faster, you have probably changed the ratio of the belt drive by using an out of spec belt. This may also explain why it was so dificult to install. Of course, grease on the clutch or brake is bad for thier operation but could not possibly increase your top speed.


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yes, if you gain top end (max speed) you loose some bottom end (acceleration). if it's not a big issue, just degrease the chain.

Re: drive belts and stuff

yes, if you gain top end (max speed) you loose some bottom end (acceleration). if it's not a big issue, just degrease the belt.

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I got someone to help me take the variator off again (I was calling it the clutch) and we put it back together properly (the bearings were not seated properly in the case). Now the moped runs as it did before--better acceleration and top speed of 30-33mph, which is what it did before. The man at the hardware store matched the new belt with the old one. The new belt is, of course, a bit tighter. Putting the new belt on has solved the starting problem I was having--it used to take up to 5-6 tries to start the 'ped but now it takes 1 or 2, maybe 3 times to get it started.

If anyone else has developed starting problems with their belt-driven moped, I would change the belt first. The old one was really worn and had way too much free play. The new belt seems to be a stronger and better-made belt than the stock one. My moped has been running just great lately!

As always, thank you all for your suggestions and help!

Re: drive belts and stuff


i was just wondering if the belt it toothed or a v belt. casue i have a belt on my pedal moped and it broke and i am having trouble finding one. plmk



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