Kinetic TFR prices are not as low as some think

just bought one at JcWhitney catalogue-$888 including shipping, both mirrors, and Turnsignals and electronic ignition included. Some here have said "mysmallbike connection" or "gokartnet" neither can beat this price. Smallbike has the stripped down kinetic (no mirrors or turnsignals) for $775 PLUS shipping. Ebay has them listed for more if you include shipping, signals etc

Just an FYI for anyone who is interested in buying one. We did our homework!

I am eagerly awaiting mine, won't get here until end of September, early October and then I will be joining you here on this forum! Can't wait to start riding! Barbara : )

Re: Kinetic TFR prices are not as low as some thin

Hi Barbara--

That's a great price on a new Kinetic! I got my Kinetic Magnum on an auction last year for about the same price. It pays to shop around and be patient.

Let us know when you get your TFR! I know you'll LOVE it!


Hi Peggy!

How does a Magnum differ from a TFR? I know they are more expensive usually, are their engines larger than a 49cc? Do you need a motorcycle license?

Re: Hi Peggy!

The Magnum has a bigger seat for 2 people, and foot pegs for the passenger. Turn signals are standard on the Magnum. It also has the same size engine as the TFR, but it has a variator which I can't explain what that is--some of these mopedheads on this forum can tell you (-;

The Magnum weighs a little more also. Those are the basic differences that I know of.

You will really love your TFR--is it your 1st moped? Mine is my first and it is tons of fun to tool around, unlike a "real" motorcycle, I can park it at the bike rack...don't have to pay for parking anywhere!

Just be sure to follow the manual's recommendations regarding break-in.

And be sure and send me a pic when you get it!


Re: Hi Peggy!

Thanks for the info on your Magnum. Yes this will be my first scooter ever! We went back to Eureka Springs, Ar for our 7th anniversary a few weeks ago and we rented an akita scooter, and I decided I liked it! My husbands dream is that we each have our own motorcycle and ride one of the kids on it. (He has a 750 Hondamatic) Not sure if that will ever happen for me because I can't see myself driving 55 mph on any cycle! talk to you later. Barbara P :)

Re: variator

Simply put, the variator is like a two-speed automatic transmission. The TFR has a centrifugal clutch only and is a one-speed transmission. What the variator does is change the size of the drive pulley based on engine speed. At lower speeds, it is smaller, giving better pickup/torque but lower road velocity. At higher speeds, the pulley is larger, giving higher velocity on the road. The overall velocity between the TFR and Magnum should be about the same. The main difference is in pickup. I have two Vespa mopeds (a Ciao, which is more like the TFR, and a Grande, which is more like the Magnum). The one with the variator gives better pickup and therefore handles two riders. Both have the same top speed.

Have fun.


Chris thanks for the info

I have a kinetic on order. You mentioned they are similar to Vespa. Whats your opinion of the Kinetic? I know Vespas are supposed to be great. Barbara


Does anyone know if the variator from the Kinetic Magnum will fit the TFR? Any help will be appreciated.

Randy..(Barbara's husband, mechanic, spiritual advisor, and lawn boy).

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