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My friend was pulled over by a cop on night, for a light being out, He got a warning ticket which was great, he got a new bulb and everything is fine now, and the ticket erased. But the cop said he wanted to start the moped, to see if everything is working. But I was woundering what your rights are as a moped driver. Can the cops ride it like that? Has anyone else had weird problems with the police?

Re: The Police

we need more details--location, type of moped, applicable laws in your area.

Your rights as a moped owner vary from State to State.

I think your friend should tell the cop that he would be happy to start the moped and show him how everything works. In any case, your friend should politely refuse to allow the cop to ride it. If he doesn't get defensive or belligerant with the cop, chances are the cop will let the matter drop.

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Wayne Broderick /

Don't let a cop ride your moped. You'll never get the smell to go away

Re: The Police

Wayne Broderick /

Actually, the cops on the accident scene were super nice to me. They were great-- I shouldn't stereotype.

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A little humor helps any situation.

Re: The Police

Almost all the experiences I've had have been good ones too, they are just as curious as anyone else about what I am driving.

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there is no way in hell that the cop is aloud to do that in any situation. email me for a list of you rights.

dave h

Re: The Police

well, i'm assuming it'd be like if a cop asked you to let him start your cage... i mean car, and that's never been done before as to my knowledge... so i don't know... but i'd be a little suspicious... you know... mainly because of a skateboarding background... get the board confiscated, watch the cops fucking w/ it behind the police station, then never get it back... you know. lol.



Re: The Police

gimmyjimmy /

I haven't had a problem with the cops yet on my ped, but one time I had one stick a coat hanger up my drag pipes lookin for baffles on my Harley, I had straight pipes, oops...busted. I guess he was hard of hearing. :)

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